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2012 Loaring Sprint Triathlon Results
2010 Loaring Sprint Triathlon Results *swim course shortened to 400m & switch from "Double" format to "Sprint" format*
2008 Loaring Double Triathlon Results
2006 Loaring Double Triathlon Results
2004 Loaring Double Triathlon Results
2003 Loaring Double Triathlon Results
2002 Loaring Double Triathlon Results

(375m swim/10k bike/2.5k run) x 2
Kirstie Kniaziew of Leamington was in a different time zone, winning by over four minutes. Kirstie, who won the 1999 Loaring Triathlon, smashed her own course record by over two minutes. Second place went to Debbie Parsons of Waterloo. Parsons lead out of the water, but Kirstie showcased her talents once the first run commenced. Helen Butt of Scarborough claimed third overall.

Glen Oomen of Toronto dominated the men's race from start to finish. Oomen was solid the whole race, breaking the tape almost four minutes ahead of Jay Dunkerley of Guelph. Dunkerley used his incredible footspeed to come from behind and claim second overall. Philip Wiebe of Kincardine was sixth overall after the first loop, but came on very strong at the end to grab third overall.

GLEN OOMENM25-2932:061:06:4111
JAY DUNKERLEYM20-2434:271:10:2912
PHILIP WIEBEM20-2435:051:10:3423
KIRSTIE KNIAZIEWF25-2934:281:11:1214
TOM OMSTEADM40-4434:561:11:4115
MARC MARENTETTEM30-3435:181:11:4616
MIRO TOTM25-2934:251:12:4327
SCOTT SCHELTERM25-2935:471:13:4438
BRAD HILTONM25-2936:031:14:0649
BILL ALTENHOFM25-2935:551:14:34510
DEBBIE PARSONSF30-3436:431:15:14111
RICHARD KNIAZIEWM50-5435:471:15:55112
JIM McCAMONM35-3937:131:16:14113
CHRIS LINTONM35-3937:181:16:31214
HELEN BUTTF25-2937:231:16:32215
ANTHONY PANICCIAM20-2437:511:17:08316
DALE YOUNGM45-4937:371:17:16117
BERNIE COLLINSM50-5437:291:17:35218
LISA MEILSF35-3937:381:17:55119
MLADEN BARBARICM20-2438:161:18:26420
MATT GERVAISM15-1937:221:19:03121
JEFF BIELAKM40-4437:411:19:30222
JAMES HOOVLERM20-2438:301:19:45523
JORGE BARRIOSM30-3438:471:20:59224
MIKE GONCALVESM35-3938:401:21:25325
MATHEW COUTSOSM20-2440:181:21:25626
SANDRA HARASF40-4439:321:22:30127
ANDREW FINDLEYM20-2440:291:22:59728
BILL FOLLIOTTM50-5439:581:23:21329
REBECCA BARTONF20-2440:361:24:19130
NATHAN HANSENM20-2442:101:25:23831
RENEE SCRIVERF40-4441:461:25:30332
DALE WILSONM25-2940:511:25:59633
RICHARD LONGM35-3942:261:27:37434
PEARCE PLATOM65+42:541:28:02135
KEN HATTM50-5442:531:28:03436
NORMAN BEAULIEUM40-4443:241:28:13337
PETER HALFORDM35-3942:541:28:44538
RELAY: LEAH/GABBIF45:011:28:50139
PAULINE KNIAZIEWF50-5443:001:28:52140
TERESA ATKINSF30-3443:251:29:34241
KARL ATKINSM55-5943:181:30:22142
JEFF SCOTTM40-4443:561:31:25443
RYAN AHERNM15-1944:171:31:54244
RACHELLE LEONARDF30-3445:031:32:13345
MELISSA BRANNAGANF15-1943:331:32:49146
TERRY HOGANM20-2447:191:34:36947
SUE FURSF20-2448:031:37:11248
CARRIE JOHNSONF20-2445:521:37:50349
CAROLYN LANGF40-4447:521:38:33250
BRAD SHOPIERAYM20-2447:151:43:021051
HOWARD HAMMESM40-4448:411:46:39652

(375m swim/10k bike/2.5k run) x 2

In an incredible duel for top prize, Christina Briante of Guleph proved stronger on the day over Danielle McKibbon of Tecumseh. Briante and McKibbon battled the whole way, and exchanged the lead several times. Briante gapped McKibbon four hundred meters from the finish and ran home strong for a well deserved victory. Allison Drynan of Guelph used her phenomenal footspeed to claim third overall.

The men's race was a showdown between James Loaring of Windsor, Eric Fernando of Michigan, and Tony Smucler of St. Clair Beach. All three emerged from the water in unison. Fernando held a slim lead off the bike, but was caught by Loaring on the run. Loaring held a slim lead heading into the final run, but then increased his lead to the finish. Fernando held strong to hold off Smucler for second overall.
JAMES LOARINGM20-2430:291:02:1011
ERIC FERNANDOM30-3430:541:03:2212
TONY SMUCLERM20-2431:011:03:4123
RANDY WALKERM40-4432:021:07:3414
MIRO TOTM20-2434:411:12:2435
MATT GERVAISM19 & U36:101:14:0716
CHRISTINA BRIANTEF20-2436:281:14:4017
DANIELLE McKIBBONF20-2436:321:14:5428
MARC MARENTETTEM30-3436:161:15:1629
BERNIE COLLINSM50-5436:241:15:39110
TONY BARESM25-2937:531:16:59111
CHRIS LINTONM35-3938:261:17:46112
ALLISON DRYNANF20-2438:111:17:48313
GARY BELANGERM35-3938:331:19:12214
JANICE SPODAREKF45-4939:011:19:37115
PETER ZEINM30-3438:521:19:53316
JIM STEWARTM45-4939:181:20:29117
BILL FOLLIOTM50-5439:421:21:04218
BOB HAYESM20-2441:091:21:56419
GREG SPODAREKM45-4940:261:22:01220
KATE LANGSTAFFF25-2939:431:22:16121
KEN HATTM45-4940:251:23:05322
ANTHONY PANICCIAM20-2438:571:23:18523
JEFF COWANM20-2439:441:23:20624
JIM McCAMONM30-3441:521:24:27425
JORGE BARROSM25-2942:481:24:31226
DOUG CANNELLM40-4441:041:24:34227
LAURA WESTF20-2441:021:25:31428
relay: RUSSELLMIX41:431:26:17129
PEARCE PLATOM65-6941:581:26:35130
ANDREW FINLAYM20-2441:471:26:42731
MATTHEW COUTSOSM20-2443:161:26:43832
MARTHA CHILDSF45-4942:481:27:16233
TIM LASTM45-4942:501:29:17434
ROBBY ROBERTSM50-5443:071:30:20335
relay: WHITLOCKF46:191:30:33136
VICKI BAKERF45-4949:061:44:58337

(375m swim/10k bike/2.5k run) x2

Victory in the women's field was claimed by Kirstie Kniaziew. Kirstie flawlessly demonstrated her outstanding world-class talent in leading the race from start to finish. Throughout her career, Kirstie has achieved more international success than just about any female triathlete in Canada. National Team Triathlete, Blaire Kniaziew of Leamington, ON, finished second. Grabbing the final podium spot was National Team Triathlete Danielle McKibbon of Tecumseh, ON.

There was a dogfight for victory in the men's field. National Team Triathlete James Loaring used his home-court advantage to break the tape first, only seventeen seconds ahead of Glen Oomen of Guelph, ON. The pair were within seconds the whole race, finishing the first super sprint in the same time. Glen used his potential Olympic-bound swim talent to pull away from James in the second swim. It wasn't until the final quarter mile of the run that James was able to reel Glen in and surge for the finish. Third place was claimed by Randy Walker.
James LoaringM20-2432:541:06:2111
Glen OomenM20-2432:541:06:3822
Randy WalkerM40-4434:181:11:5713
Bill AltenhofM25-2935:201:12:5914
Kirstie KniaziewF25-2935:221:13:3115
Ryan ShawM20-2436:031:14:5036
Blaire KniaziewF20-2435:591:15:0617
Miro TotM20-2435:571:16:2248
Anthony PanicciaM20-2437:201:17:1059
Danielle McKibbonF20-2438:121:18:46210
Anthony PanontinM30-3439:281:21:41111
Bruce KwokM20-2440:451:24:12612
Scott SchelterM25-2940:421:24:40213
Cathy McKibbonF45-4941:391:25:06114
Bil DaviesM40-4440:551:25:26215
Jim McCamonM35-3942:201:27:19116
Jennifer SimoneF15-1942:141:27:47117
Pat HayesM35-3943:031:28:58218
Jeff CowenM20-2442:141:29:28719
Chris LintonM35-3943:151:30:24320
Sanjay GuptaM40-4447:531:39:17321
Dan MustacM25-2948:031:42:20322
Terry HoganM15-1953:081:47:21123
Mladen BarbaricM20-24DNF

Somebody said that it couldn't be done,
But he with a chuckle replied
That "maybe it couldn't", but he would be one
Who wouldn't say so till he'd tried.

So he buckled right in with the trace of a grin
On his face. If he worried he hid it.
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
That couldn't be done, and he did it.

~ Edgar A. Guest
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